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"The pen is mightier than the sword". Although this saying is almost 200 years old, it still holds true today. At Nice Touch Editing Services we truly believe in this metonymy and we are passionate about wielding the power of the pen on a daily basis to convey the thoughts and ideas of our clients.


Our company was founded upon the belief that this level of adoration for writing and editing is often missing in the professional world. At Nice Touch Editing Services we look at our work the way an artist looks at a Picasso, and we attempt to relay this sentiment with each project we embark upon. Read below to learn more, then contact us today to get your project completed.


At Nice Touch Editing Services we are proud to be run by a diverse workforce which is comprised of educated professionals who are passionate about writing, editing and orating.  Our ranks include individuals with journalism degrees, English studies, and other writing disciplines. Our team is also comprised of individuals who are seasoned content marketers, technical writers, and a wide myriad of professionals in the writing and editing field. We believe our plethora of backgrounds allow us the flexibility to handle a wide range of projects to perfection. Another key to our success is the team's ability to delineate tasks within the project to ensure that each section of the project receives laser focus.



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Ibn Akbar


Nice Touch Editing, LLC

At Nice Touch Editing Services, our passion and zeal for writing begins at the top. Our President and CEO, Ibn Akbar, is a modern day renaissance man. Since an early age, Mr. Akbar had a special skill for expressing himself through the written word, and would often find himself losing countless hours of the day writing short stories and poems. Mr. Akbar continued to nurture his passion and eventually fulfilled his goal of achieving his Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. But this would only be the beginning of Mr. Akbar's story.

Mr. Akbar's career has covered a wide range of writing jobs. He has been a newspaper editor, journalist,cyber security communications specialist, proposal writer, and a poet among other tasks. His wide breadth of experience has led him to create Nice Touch Editing Services, as he saw the need for students and professionals to have access to quality writing and editing. Contact us today to find out how we can put this passion to work for you!



"In the crazy, competitive world of writing, editing, and publishing one is not always privy to the truth.  Promises and expectations are often not realized and disappointment is often the norm. For my newest novel, 'Trepidation Trail,' I utilized the services of Nice Touch Editing Services, LLC.  Ibn Akbar, Chief Editor, provided exemplary service and met all deadlines as promised.  I recommend Nice Touch Editing Services to help achieve that allusive perfection we all seek."

- G. Crawford, Gustime, CA

Improve your grammar today!

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Finally, a resource has been written to help people from all walks of life as they navigate the often confusing grammar rules of the English language. From the desk of our Senior Editor, Ibn Akbar, Nice Touch English Grammar Tips: Volume 1 provides a myriad of common everyday grammar mistakes and shows you how to avoid them when you write.   

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Introducing a new way 

to perfect your next important document.

At Nice Touch Editing Services, we remove the stress and hassle of staring at your computer struggling to find the right words to complete your report, resume, or other important document. Our experts will take your document or idea and articulate your words so that your idea is conveyed in a clear, concise, and refined manner. Contact us today for a free sample of our work and lets get started.

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